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Discovering Saxon life at Tamworth Castle


Lots of opportunity for questions and debate as well as using primary sources to build a picture of life after Roman Britain. Why did they settle in the countryside around Tamworth? 

We enjoyed finding out about the strategies used in combat. There was a clear system of hierarchy and this also related to the weapons they used – farmers used their tools such as the axe or pitch fork whilst nobles had purpose made equipment. We presented our ideas through drama!

It was interesting to find out why Saxons fought for their land within their heptarchy (geographical area) and to reflect on how important land was.

Learning why and how cow horn was used so widely was also interesting and we asked lots of questions too – we found it was used for games, household objects and tools and of course there was plenty of it!

We used our interpretation skills and found out about archaeology and when to use a trowel, brush or even a feather to work with care whilst exploring first hand evidence, we then worked out what our finds might be used for.