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Attainment and Progress

Data at Eyam CE Primary School

What does it show?

Data in a small school can provide a mixed message and it should be read with caution. For example if there is a cohort of 6 children then each child is worth a whopping 16.7%. so if one child doesn’t reach expected then the cohort passing reduces to 83%. At Eyam therefore the staff and Governors use data as a snapshot of how well children can take tests and how prepared they are for this environment. Staff give time to practising however more recently there has been an increasing number of children who, even with extra time, have been unable to represent their knowledge and skills though this medium. Staff are of course aware of this and always make sure parents are too. We make sure everyone can have a go and do their best and learn from the experience.

Are our classes all the same?

Some cohorts have very small numbers of pupils and some have a higher than average % of pupils with various additional needs which means there is the additional challenge of providing catch up as well as keep up support, extra scaffolding and carefully guided learning through the curriculum. Mental wellbeing is vital for any learning to take place and children with fluctuating emotions can mean making progress is all the more difficult and can be unpredictable.

KS2 Data

KS2 results here give a glimpse of data on a specific date however we strongly believe in educating the whole child through the whole curriculum and are not narrowing the curriculum but ensuring it remains broad and skills based.